Our Programs

RCR aims to bring awareness and a form of stability for the patients and their relatives and so, to foster and promote awareness, advocacy and render services to the target audience through these upcoming projects:

RCR Programs

School Clubs

RCR plans to have a cancer club in most primary and secondary schools to raise awareness in these schools, thereby, with the plans to reach the country at large. They will be organising community outreaches to educate the local communities about cancers, increasing awareness of Cancer in Rwanda.

Hope Lodge

Through research, the team at RCR observed that many travel long distances for treatment, making it even harder and leading to treatment and follow-up abandonment. RCR intends to create homes away from home for patients and caregivers. The lodge will have general and private rooms, a kitchen, a playroom and all other house necessities. Our goal is to create a home-like environment. Our first lodge will be in Kigali, near the Rwanda Cancer Centre in Kanombe.

Transport Support

Rwanda has only three centres that provide either chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, i.e. Butaro cancer centre of excellence, King Faisal and Rwanda Cancer Centre. These centres are located in Kigali and another in the northern province, far from many patients; these patients face transport challenges. Due to that, RCR intends to provide shuttles that will transport these patients.

Writing Contest

At the beginning of January 2022, the Rwanda Cancer Relief organisation launched an online writing contest that was aimed at empowering the public with cancer-related information and enhancing the well-being of cancer survivors by giving patients, survivors, relatives, and friends a platform to share their stories and at the same time debunking myths around Cancer. This writing contest is significant to the identity of RCR as it is another avenue to create awareness in the community.

Presently, several myths/misconceptions and stigmatisation have been attached to cancer patients, which has affected many, causing them to stay away from discussions about cancer patients or survivors. This is one of the reasons RCR was established to create a platform for these individuals, but this can not be achieved solely, and it requires the efforts of every individual that makes up our communities. We urge you today to evolve to become a change maker for CANCER-affiliated individuals.

RCR Research

Cancer research in Rwanda has primarily been conducted at various hospitals, with a focus on the epidemiology of cancer and the delivery of cancer care. However, there is a lack of professionals trained in cancer research, funding opportunities and incentives for clinicians to conduct research in the country. The Rwanda Cancer Relief (RCR) is working to address these issues by collaborating with multiple institutions and training young cancer researchers with funding. The RCR also hosts an annual cancer symposium in partnership with Rwanda Biomedical Centre, providing a range of consultancy services, managing grant and subcontract awards, and promoting the sharing of cancer research in the country.

Research The program’s focus is to increase access to cancer care, improve patient outcomes and strengthen the healthcare system’s capacity to address cancer. The program also provides training to local healthcare professionals in cancer care and educational resources to the community. Despite this progress, the program is still seeking support from donors and partners to expand its reach and continue positively impacting cancer care in Rwanda.

RCR Education

The Rwanda Cancer Relief (RCR) Education program is a community-based initiative that aims to increase awareness and education about cancer in Rwanda. The program focuses on educating community members about the signs and symptoms of cancer and providing information about preventive measures and early detection. Through this program, individuals are empowered to take control of their health and are provided with the tools and resources needed to prevent and manage cancer.

The impact of the RCR Education program has been significant, with a reported increase in cancer awareness and early detection in communities where the program has been implemented. However, there is still a great need for more resources and funding to expand the program and reach evenmore individuals. There Is a call to action for individuals and organisations to support this program and help make a difference in the fight against cancer in Rwanda.

Education to HCP

The Rwanda Cancer Relief (RCR) Education of Health Care Providers (HCP) project aims to enhance the knowledge and abilities of healthcare providers in Rwanda in regards to cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. The project centers on providing education and training for medical doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in the country. The project’s ultimate goal is to raise the overall standard of cancer care in Rwanda and augment the number of cancer patients who receive appropriate and timely treatment.

The RCR Education of HCP project has considerably impacted the standard of cancer care in Rwanda. Through the training and education given, healthcare providers have obtained the knowledge and skills required to diagnose and treat cancer patients correctly. This has led to an increase in the number of cancer patients receiving appropriate and timely treatment, which has led to better outcomes for patients. The project has also helped to improve the overall standard of cancer care in Rwanda by increasing the number of healthcare providers who can provide high-quality cancer care.

However, there is still a long way to go in terms of enhancing cancer care in Rwanda. The RCR Education of HCP project is only one step in the process of improving cancer care in the country. There is still a need for more resources and funding to be invested in cancer care in Rwanda in order to provide the best possible care for patients. This includes the need for more cancer centers, more equipment, and more trained healthcare providers.

In conclusion, the RCR Education of HCP project has considerably impacted the standard of cancer care in Rwanda. However, there is still a need for more resources and funding to be invested in cancer care in the country in order to provide the best possible care for patients. We call on individuals, organizations, and governments to invest in cancer care in Rwanda and to support the work of organizations like RCR in their efforts to improve cancer care in the country.

RCR Projects

Cancer in my community

Cancer in My Community is a Cancer.Net Blog series that shows the global impact of cancer and how people work to care for those with cancer in their region. This project is run by RCR and entails individuals’ views on cancer and its effects. RCR’s mission is to ensure that all patients affected with cancer in Rwanda have access to a high standard of treatment and support, regardless of their place of residence, age, or socio-economic background. For the above mission to occur, cancer awareness is crucial hence, the establishment of the blog. The blog’s purpose is to create awareness through the personal perspectives of cancer patients, doctors, nurses, caretakers and people affected by the effects of cancer. In RCR, we believe that the information obtained from these individuals will encourage others and cancel the stigma culture around cancer.

Awareness of Childhood C cancers:

RCR and RCCR create awareness for childhood cancers, especially during September. The month of September is the global Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and RCR uses this to their advantage by gathering youths, both survivors and advocates, to create awareness and support children living with cancer. The purpose is to let people know that children can also experience cancer, but that does not make these children evil; this is also an experience they can defeat.


Rwanda Cancer Relief Newsletter

RCR is a non-governmental organisation that believes strongly in public involvement, considering that this organisation involves social work. As a result, RCR began the organisation newsletter to continually inform the public of RCR’s projects and activities. Through that, cancer awareness is constantly preached to Rwanda and Africa at large. RCR discusses aims, objectives, works, and projects with the newsletter.

As an organisation, we urgently approach you and encourage you to collaborate as we hope to provide crucial support to families’ needs financially, socially, and emotionally through diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, provide patients, families, and the general public with facts they need about cancers in simple, comprehensive, and everyday language and advocate for critical research and treatment protocols appropriate for cancer’s most minor victims.

Icyizere Lodge Project

One of the issues discovered through research is the need for patients who are locals to access oncology care. To counter challenges such as uneven geographic distribution of the workforce, including multidisciplinary care needs, travel distance and cost, and financial burdens and health insurance, improve treatment compliance and survival. Rwanda Cancer Relief (RCR) is setting up a transitional lodge at Kanombe near RCC to host patients from different parts of the country for radiation treatment.

This initiative will relieve cancer patients from paying extra stay fees or missing appointments due to a lack of a place to stay in Kigali during their treatment and post-treatment phases. It will also improve the well-being of these patients, as RCR-Icyizere House will have a counselor visiting, and different activities will be carried out to enhance their emotional and mental well-being.

Icyizere House Project

The majority of cancer therapies are offered in Kigali, Huye, and Butaro, however getting there is quite difficult for the patients because 82.57% of Rwandans live in rural areas. Because of the financial strain that lodging costs place on patients and their families, treatment is abandoned, and follow-up is lost. RCR wants to establish a home away from home for cancer patients and their caregivers. It will feature a kitchen, a playroom, and all other house essentials in addition to general and private rooms. The first lodge will be located in Kigali, adjacent to the Kanombe Rwanda Cancer Centre.

The Icyizere House project will increase treatment adherence, lower family spending, increase survival rates, decrease malnutrition, reduce disease recurrence, increase survivorship, and decrease infections in hospitals by clearing out crowded wards.

Rwanda Cancer aims to bring innovative projects; of course, the Icyizire House Project is one of them. We can work together for the implementation of this project. Feel free to contact Rwanda Cancer Relief for any clarification concerning this initiative. Then if you want to donate, please email or contact us with our email address and phone number.


Fighting cancer cannot only be done by the person diagnosed with it. It means the doctors, family, friends, and the whole community have their respective roles. At Rwanda Cancer Relief, we create awareness about cancer and support cancer patients in many ways. Our website will allow you to deeply understand our overall work and the changes we aim to bring for a safe community and enjoyable cancer journey. We don’t wish anyone to get cancer, but we promise we are here to support you as we don’t want anyone to be disregarded during the whole period. Reading the different articles we have on this website can help you see the cancer paths of other people and the contributions that have been made by Rwanda Cancer Relief so far for the achievement of the strategic goals.


The Rwanda Cancer Relief (RCR) contests are an ongoing series of initiatives that aim to raise awareness and funds for cancer research and treatment in Rwanda. These contests are open to all individuals, organizations, and companies, and include various activities such as essay writing competitions, sporting events, and educational workshops. The main goal of the writing contest is to empower the public with cancer-related information and to enhance the wellbeing of cancer survivors by giving patients, survivors, relatives and friends a platform to share their stories and at the same time debunking myths around cancer through writing contests.

The impact of the RCR contests has been significant. The funds raised through the contests have been used to support cancer patients and their families, purchase equipment and drugs, and train health workers. Furthermore, the contests have helped to change the perception of cancer in Rwanda, as people now have more information and resources to deal with the disease. The RCR is encouraging everyone to participate in its contests and to donate in order to help combat cancer in Rwanda and make a difference in the lives of those affected by the disease.

Cancer Symposia

Tumor Board project

The number of people who have contracted cancer since 2015 has more than doubled, rising from 2,115 cases to 5,040 in 2019, basing on a study carried out at the Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC). 

First Uro-oncology symposium

The First Multi-Disciplinary Symposium, a Uro-oncology discussion focusing on prostate and

bladder cancer, kicked off at Marriott Hotel, on October 8th, 2021.

Multidisciplinary cancer breast cancer management workshop

ASCO International works with organizations all around the world to provide education and training to health care professionals who work with cancer patients.