Rwanda Cancer Relief

Multidiscriplinary Cancer Mnagement Course MCMC

In collaboration with the American Society of clinical Oncology, RCR organises the Multidiscriplinary Cancer Mnagement Course aiming to support the development ogg mulitdisciplinary cancer management practices in low to middle-income countries(LMICs) through the education of specialiasts, physicians, nurses, and other oncology health care providers. 

“Conquering Cervical Cancer” Documentary

In 2022 RCR partnered with the Moonshine agency to screenplay a documentary dubbed “conquering cancer” which looked at the global efforts being made to eliminate cervical cancer through three key pillars: vaccination, screening, and treatment. RCR held the documentary screening for community health workers in the Southern province of Rwanda where close to 20 CHWs […]

Ingobyi/Patient transport support

Rwanda has only three centers that provide either chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. i.e., Butaro cancer center of Excellence, King Faisal, and Rwanda Cancer Centre. Two of these are located in Kigali, and another in the northern province; they are all far from many patients, and these patients, therefore, face transport challenges. Ingobyi project intends to provide […]

RCR Icyizere House Project

Rwanda’s 82.57% population lives in rural geographical locations, and while most of the cancer treatments are provided in Kigali, Huye, and Butaro it becomes a hurdle for patients to travel and make follow-ups. Facing cancer is hard. Having to travel long distances for treatment can make it even harder. Additionally, accommodation expenses pose a financial […]

RCR Educational Symposia

Rwanda has few tertiary hospitals and among these few only 5 can provide any type of cancer management. The few cancer specialists in the country are also scattered among these hospitals to the extent that one hospital can have a surgeon but no medical or radiation oncology. Patients with cancer diagnoses end up visiting at […]

RCR Tumor Board

Cancer management is complex; it involves various specialties. It is, therefore, essential for involved actors to properly communicate and engage in discussions to develop an appropriate plan otherwise, the potential of coming up with the appropriate solution to the issue will not have been exploited to the maximum. Tumor boards not only bring the directly […]

TV and Radio Talk Shows

RCR have held three TV talk shows and three Radio Talk Shows with the leading Media houses to advocate cancer awareness. In 2016, RCR advocated cancer awareness in media shows in Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA), Startimes, and DSTV Goodrich TV KigaliToday Radio (KTRadio) Voice of Africa (Voice ) Flash Radio FM- Stereo coverage All over […]

Cancer Writing Contest

RCR Cancer writing contest aimed to empower the public on cancer-related information and enhance the wellbeing of cancer survivors. This project has provided patients, survivors, relatives, and friends a platform to share their stories and, at the same time, debunk myths about cancer through writing contests. With the prospect of moving on with life, it […]


RCR conducted different outreach sessions to raise awareness and educate about Childhood Cancers among patients at hospitals, health centers, and church fellows. In  Kibagaba Hospital, with two sessions, about 200 patients and 18 Healthcare providers were impacted by the outreach. One session at Remera Health Center reached 130 Patients and Parents and 10 Healthcare Providers, […]