RCR Educational Symposia

Rwanda has few tertiary hospitals and among these few only 5 can provide any type of cancer management. The few cancer specialists in the country are also scattered among these hospitals to the extent that one hospital can have a surgeon but no medical or radiation oncology. Patients with cancer diagnoses end up visiting at least more than one hospital to complete their care.

There is therefore a need to bring together all these cancer specialists together to discuss how to initiate, coordinate and sustain a national multi-disciplinary tumor board. This can be done virtually every week supported by an annual National Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Symposia. Rwanda cancer relief will in this year organize different symposia for the 3rd year in a row on Breast cancer, uro-oncology. At the same time, it plans to include additional to this, symposia on cervical, colorectal, and an overall cancer symposium in February 2023.

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