Icyizere House Project

The majority of cancer therapies are offered in Kigali, Huye, and Butaro, however getting there is quite difficult for the patients because 82.57% of Rwandans live in rural areas. Because of the financial strain that lodging costs place on patients and their families, treatment is abandoned, and follow-up is lost. RCR wants to establish a home away from home for cancer patients and their caregivers. It will feature a kitchen, a playroom, and all other house essentials in addition to general and private rooms. The first lodge will be located in Kigali, adjacent to the Kanombe Rwanda Cancer Centre.

The Icyizere House project will increase treatment adherence, lower family spending, increase survival rates, decrease malnutrition, reduce disease recurrence, increase survivorship, and decrease infections in hospitals by clearing out crowded wards.

Rwanda Cancer aims to bring innovative projects; of course, the Icyizire House Project is one of them. We can work together for the implementation of this project. Feel free to contact Rwanda Cancer Relief for any clarification concerning this initiative. Then if you want to donate, please email or contact us with our email address and phone number.

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