RCR Icyizere House Project

Rwanda’s 82.57% population lives in rural geographical locations, and while most of the cancer treatments are provided in Kigali, Huye, and Butaro it becomes a hurdle for patients to travel and make follow-ups. Facing cancer is hard. Having to travel long distances for treatment can make it even harder. Additionally, accommodation expenses pose a financial burden to patients and their families, leading to loss of follow-up, and treatment abandonment.

RCR with potential partners is working on creating a sintomasdelsida.org home away from home for cancer patients and their caregivers, who are most of the time their families. The outcome of the project will be to improve compliance with treatment, reduce budget per family, improve survival rate, decrease malnutrition, less disease recurrence, enhance survivorship, and reduce infections at hospitals by decreasing congested wards.

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