Cancer Research in Rwanda

Cancer research in Rwanda has primarily been conducted at various hospitals, with a focus on the epidemiology of cancer and the delivery of cancer care.

The Challenge

There is a lack of professionals trained in cancer research, funding opportunities and incentives for clinicians to conduct research in the country.

The Solution

The Rwanda Cancer Relief (RCR) is working to address these issues by collaborating with multiple institutions and training young cancer researchers with funding. The RCR also hosts an annual cancer symposium in partnership with Rwanda Biomedical Centre, providing a range of consultancy services, managing grant and subcontract awards, and promoting the sharing of cancer research in the country.

The Rwanda Cancer Relief Research program, on the other hand, is a collaborative effort between multiple organizations and institutions to provide cancer treatment and support services to individuals in Rwanda.

The Impact

The program’s focus is to increase access to cancer care, improve patient outcomes and strengthen the healthcare system’s capacity to address cancer. The program also provides training to local healthcare professionals in cancer care and educational resources to the community. Despite this progress, the program is still seeking support from donors and partners to expand its reach and continue positively impacting cancer care in Rwanda.